We facilitate just & sustainable change. 


Our Beginning

In the fall of 2012, when a group of professional neutrals felt a call to use their skills to engage in the conversations taking place on college campuses surrounding fossil fuel divestment, Active Neutrals formed. We set about to coach and train both administrators and students in how to effectively communicate their concerns and negotiate constructively. Based on the success of our work enabling students and administrators to reach creative and mutually beneficial outcomes, we broadened our scope to include other difficult social conversations between activists and decision makers.

Since our founding, we have benefited from the support and generosity of the Religious Society of Friends, whose legacy of peace making and reconciliation we seek to extend as we address the pressing issues of the day. 


“We're negotiating for a better world.”





Our Mission

We seek out, train and empower activists in conversations with decision makers focused on social justice and/or environmental sustainability in order to facilitate decisions on these complex issues that result in intelligent and practical action.