Women's Empowerment

Whether you are seeking work as an architect, nutritionist, bus driver or politician, every woman must engage the world in a series of negotiation over her compensation and role. Women in the United States today make, on average, 77 cents for every dollar made by their male colleagues. Faced with this reality, women must understand what holds them back from asking for and receiving the salary that they are worth. Negotiating effectively for fair compensations requires not only an understanding of who you are and what you have to contribute but also the skills you need to prepare for and negotiate effectively with a new employer.

Women’s Leadership and Negotiation Workshops:

Active Neutrals two-day training prepares undergraduate and graduate student women to meet career opportunities with confidence, kindness and the power to know their own worth and negotiate for it effectively. Through our trainings, women gain not only negotiation skills, but also a process through which they can clarify their purpose and guide their decision making to create a powerful trajectory of their own lives. To that end, our program combines core negotiation skills (ranging from structured preparation to dealing with tough negotiators), with exercises that clarify each participant’s vision and purpose. All Active Neutrals workshops are tailored to the individual client’s needs. This two-day training can be modified to a one-day or other format.

If you think women in your department or university could benefit from this training and would like to learn more, contact us.

Individual Coaching and Consultations:

Many of our participants find it useful to solidify their learning after trainings through private coaching. To support these needs, we have developed a package of personalized one-on-one sessions to place our program material into real life scenarios. This process invites women to make changes in their lives that are visible and real. Women both inside our training programs and outside of it have benefited from personal coaching. We encourage women seeking to improve their skills in negotiation, while empowering themselves to reach for the best in all areas of life, to learn more about our coaching model.

Ground yourself in a vision of a powerful life and sharpen your negotiations skills. Lean on us to transform yourself into the creative and confident woman that you are!

Private sessions may be conducted in person or over the phone and typically last between an hour and ninety minutes. If you are a student, ask us about our reduced student rates. To learn more and schedule sessions, contact us.