Facilitating Just & Sustainable Change


We envision a world in which individuals and organizations, who work towards environmental sustainability and social justice, have the communication, negotiation, influence and conflict-resolution skills required to make their visions real and enduring.

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Active Neutrals provides a range of services to our clients increase their success in external negotiations, internal communication and conflict management. Through training, coaching and facilitation we empower effective, timely, and constructive conversation between activists and decision makers around issues of social justice and environmental sustainability. All of our work begins with an assessment of client needs so that we can customize our process to fit the realities of their situation. 

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Focus Areas

We primarily serve clients focused on sustainable natural resource management, gender and income inequality. These are among the critical conversations that we need to have as a society. We seek out, train and empower activists in conversations with decision makers focused on these areas in order to facilitate decisions on these complex issues that result in intelligent and practical action.