Active Neutrals works with clients to facilitate conversations between representatives of all of the major stakeholder groups with the goal of achieving greater understanding and intelligent resolution. As part of our facilitation services, we offer to meet with the stakeholder groups in advance of the meeting to clarify the issues and help each stakeholder group prepare to advocate effectively for their needs in a way that will also increase the chances of a productive meeting. This pre-work also allows us to gain information vital to designing the agenda for the meeting to maximize productivity. The facilitation itself usually runs for two to four hours. Depending on the complexity of issues and past history it may be necessary to have several meetings.


Active Neutrals offers trainings to stakeholder groups engaged in difficult dialogue about socially important issues. In order to preserve our neutrality, we always offer training to the full range of stakeholders interested in the issue in question. We customize each training we run based on the nature of the public conversation and on the needs of the stakeholders.

Topics frequently included in trainings are:

  • Basic and advanced negotiation skills
  • Effective communication
  • Mutual Gains Approach negotiation
  • Facilitation and meeting design  


Active Neutrals provides coaching for stakeholder groups. As with our training, we offer our coaching services to all relevant stakeholders with the purpose of having everyone who comes to the table be well prepared and clear about how to proceed in a way that is most likely to yield productive outcomes.  

For more information about our rates, please contact us. Because these services can mean the difference between stalemate and productive solutions, we can work to make them more accessible if funding is a barrier.