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Libby Mahaffy

CO-Founder, Advisor

Libby is a seasoned mediator, facilitator, and conflict resolution trainer. She is the Assistant Director for Conflict Resolution at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA. Libby is also a panel member of Mediation Works, Inc. in the Boston court system and the Community Dispute Settlement Center in Cambridge, mediating small claims and summary process cases.

She has received additional training in elder and adult family mediation and has worked with Elder Decisions, LLC. With an academic background in Spanish, social science, and urban and environmental policy and planning, she brings a social- and environmental-justice perspective to her communications work. 


Justin Wright


Justin is a passionate advocate of ethical communication practices and their potential to help us solve collective challenges big and small, from corporate cohesion to responsible resource management.

As an experienced and versatile negotiation trainer, mediator/facilitator and conflict management consultant, Justin has an expertise in collaborative negotiation theory, behavior change, multi-party facilitation, mediation and coaching techniques. Beyond his work with Habitus, he has served on the training teams at Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation, and the mediation practicum at Tuft’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. Justin is a former adjunct professor of negotiation at Yale University and Northeastern’s Business School. He has mediated over 150 cases since training in 2011, including business, interpersonal, contract, housing and divorce cases.

Most recently, he has been working to facilitate conversations, in English and Spanish, within various communities about how to respond to climate change and with student activists at a wide range of colleges and universities.


Lesley Foster

Director of Operations

Lesley is most excited about supporting individuals and organizations looking to resolve stressful and uncomfortable internal conflicts and emotional negotiations. She provides strategic oversight and management of Active Neutrals’ services and offerings, ensuring maximum impact for clients.

Lesley is also a practicing negotiator and mediator, and an experienced trainer in both of these areas, with an expertise in divorce, harassment prevention, small claims and summary process mediation, as well as conflict management, difficult conversations and advanced negotiation. She has run a conflict management training for lobbyists in Washington, DC, co-taught a course at Yale University on Negotiation and Behavior Change, and guest lectured at the New England School of Law. 

In early 2017, she managed facilitation in Washington D.C, of the efforts of a carbon tax coalition focused on drafting legislation.